Our jobs

Hotel operator

We manage all the operational and commercial aspects of running the assets.

- Commercial strategy, pricing & reporting

- Works & safety commissions

- Recruitment & HR

- F&B

Asset Manager

We develop the income and expense strategy according to the objectives set with our clients Investors.

The production of the latter is, of course, under our control and that of the hotel teams.

The investment strategyThis is also the case for the renovation & works programme, in accordance with the initial budgetary framework plan.

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Why invest with Atypio?

Hotel investments represent an asset class with attractive prospects but requiring specific and multiple skills.

An investment, with the support of Atypio, is the assurance of investing alongside a recognised operator.

Our long-term asset management approach ensures the sustainability of your investment, ruling out simple property speculation, guaranteeing an alignment of interests based on the choice of high-quality assets, for an attractive return for both the operator and investors.

20 Years

Management & co-investment in hotel assets

20,000+ rooms

Managed from the beginning.

+ More than 200 hotels

Managed since the beginning. 15 facilities currently under management.

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