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Atypio is the fruit of our passion for careers in the hotel and restaurant industry.

We co-invest in and exclusively operate hotels either on our behalf or on behalf of our partners and investors.

The experience of ATYPIO's leaders gives it proven skills in operational management, asset management and hotel property renovation. We mainly carry out acquisitions with a qualitative prism involving a rationale of holding assets.

Our jobs

20 years

ATYPIO has demonstrated its level of professionalism by successfully carrying out management and investment operations in the hotel industry.

21,000 rooms

ATYPIO boasts expertise and proven skills with more than 21,000 rooms managed since its creation.

250 hotels

ATYPIO is a co-investment and management company. 250 hotels have been managed since its founding.

16 establishments are currently being managed.

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Our team

Bringing together professional experience from a number of brands and major players in the Tourism and Hospitality sector, meet our head office team in a unique way playing the “If I were...” game (e.g. If I were a drink, a dish, a hobby, etc.).

Jérôme Schibler

A drink: Côte Rôtie

A dish: Alsatian asparagus

A hobby: Golf

Jérôme Schibler
Associate, General Director of Operations

Etienne Faguer

A drink: Saint-Émilion

A dish: Côtes d’Armor blue lobster

A hobby: Funboard surfing

Etienne Faguer
Associate, General Director of Finances

Ludovic Raynaud

A drink: Château Montus – Madiran – vignoble

A dish: Fine de Claire oysters from Marennes-Oléron accompanied with Rillons Charentais

A hobby: Rugby

Ludovic Raynaud
Director of Operations

Sophie Weisse

A drink: Virgin Mojorito Raspberry

A dish: Parpadelles with truffles

A hobby: Photography

Sophie Weisse
Sales and Marketing Manager

Vanessa Peirera

A drink: Smoothie

A dish: Tagliatelle with Pancakes

A hobby: French boxing

Vanessa Peirera

External Marketing | Mice & Loisir Development Director

Clotilde Gay

A drink: Gin Tonic

A dish: Tourteau

A hobby: Tennis

Clotilde Gay

Groups and events manager BTB

Clémentine Normand

A drink: Chai Latte

A dish: Asparagus Risotto

A hobby: do pastry

Clémentine Normand
Clientele Manager BTB

Sylvain Rivière

A drink : Ti'punch

A dish : "Rougail Sausage"

A hobby : The diversion of objects

Sylvain Rivière
Technical Director

Anouchka Porte

A drink: Monbazillac

A dish: Duck magret

A hobby: Horse riding

Anouchka Porte

Financial and administrative manager

A drink : Chablis

A course : Sole fillet of chorizo

A hobby : Piano


Management Control

François-Xavier Bertin

A drink: A vintage Médoc

A dish: Gâteau Basque from Bidarray

A hobby: Piano

François-Xavier Bertin
Associate, Senior Adviser

Michèle Pentscheff

A drink: La Gaffelière

A dish: Langoustines – crabs – whelks – prawns

A hobby: Walking

Michèle Pentscheff
Legal officer

Discover the team

Our approach, All in Good Time, is reflected in our acquisitions aiming to create a portfolio of inspiring hotels where well-being, generosity, good living and a human touch are the focus of everything we do.

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