CSR policy

In order to grow while respecting the environment and the well-being of its customers and employees, Atypio and its member hotels implement new practices every year.

  • Audit of energy equipment and installations, Preventive maintenance, Energy saving programme, Monitoring of energy consumption, by hotel
  • Development of Made in France and local partnerships, 
  • Monthly monitoring of anti-waste commitments with Phénix /Toogoodtogo
  • Creation and development of a restaurant concept promoting French terroir, its craftsmen and its chefs,
  • Seasonal vegetarian and omnivorous menu for our 4-star restaurants
  • On-site production of fruit and vegetables for two of our boutique restaurants and now urban farms.
  • Anti-waste recipes created by catering teams
  • Audit of waste management by hotel
  • Renovation focusing on sustainability, recycling of furniture/equipment and regional features
  • Sharing of best practices between member hotels
  • Hotels join a web platform offering discounts on everyday products, sporting activities, etc. to their employees.

From 2022 we have resumed our partnership with Betterfly Tourism initiated in 2019 and unfortunately stopped in its tracks by covid-19.

We have integrated a menu on the website of each of our hotels CSR, to better share their commitments and projects.

We joined the collective BETTER an association co-founded by entrepreneurs who want to apply and share best practices. It aims to work towards a more resilient and vibrant society.

And then, we went into the green, hotel teams and the Atypio head office team, to learn, understand and draw up our climate fresco together, in order to develop our BETTER Charter. A charter made up of 9 realistic and impactful commitments to be made to the planet, to hotel guests AND to our employees. A co-written and co-signed charter ! A charter we're proud to be implementing since January 2023!

At the end of June 2023, we bought out our partner from January 2023, Agripolis - Urban farmsWe're convinced that we have a contribution to make to the agricultural production we need for our tables. From the garden to the plate, a great source of pride, a wonderful project that came to fruition in March 2023 and is set to expand in 2024. Find out more about this above-ground farming activity on our website, which will be updated and redesigned in the next few months.

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