CSR policy

Atypio Hotels Resorts wants to grow with respect for the environment and the well-being of its customers, Atypio employees / member hotels.

To do this, we implement environmentally friendly practices such as :

Preventive maintenance,

Monitoring of energy consumption,

Made in France / Locavore / Anti-waste partnerships,

Catering promoting our craftsmen, a seasonal menu,

Renovation policy prioritising sustainability, anti-waste by recycling furniture/equipment, fitting low-energy light bulbs, flow regulators, ....

We share among member hotels the best practices.

We resume our partnership with Betterfly Tourism from 2022 initiated in 2019 and unfortunately stopped in its tracks by covid-19.

In 2022, we have rolled out a new system for each of our hotels. CSR web section on their own website, sharing their commitments and projects.

We joined the collective BETTER an association co-founded by entrepreneurs committed to CSR, who wish to apply and share best practices. It aims to work towards the creation of a more resilient and radiant society.

20 Years

Management & co-investment in hotel assets

20,000+ rooms

Managed from the beginning.

+ More than 200 hotels

Managed since the beginning. 15 facilities currently under management.

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