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Atypio Hotels Resort


Hotel operator

We manage all operational and commercial aspects concerning the running of the hotel (works, recruitment, commercial strategy and pricing, F&B, safety committees, reporting and finance).

Asset Manager

Building on the experience of its founders, ATYPIO can support investors by developing hotel asset strategies for them. Based on the objectives set, we develop the turnover and expenses strategy.

Accordingly, we develop the revenue and expenses strategy. This will be carried out under the supervision of our operators and hoteliers.

The investment and renovation strategy and the works will be supervised by us and in keeping with the initial budget framework plan.

Why invest with Atypio?

Investments in the hotel business represent an asset class with prospects that are attractive yet require specific and multiple skills.

With a network Atypio, you get to invest alongside a well-known operator.

Our long-term asset management approach ensures the longevity of your investment,  avoiding simple real estate speculation, guaranteeing an alignment of interests based on the choice of high-quality assets to make it attractive to both operators and investors.

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