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Discover the hotels in the Atypio Hotels Resorts network, with outdoor and indoor event spaces and meeting rooms all over France

You are an agency, a company, a professional looking for a pleasant place(s) to organise events, study days, residential seminars, training courses, regional meetings, photo shoots, film shoots, exhibitions, team-building, incentives, training sessions for your sports team, tournaments, poker or bridge courses (...)? Hotels with meeting rooms of the Atypio Hotels Resorts Network are the right place for you. Located in a magnificent setting, in the countryside or in the city centre, close to transport/roads, near the beautiful French mountains or the coastline, you are bound to find what you are looking for in one of the establishments hotels with meeting rooms.

Organise your seminar in a hotel with meeting rooms

Your business events are the perfect opportunity to discover your employees in a different setting, and thus enjoy a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Offer them one or more nights in one of our 3 or 4 star hotels with meeting rooms. This is a golden opportunity to strengthen your teams, to gain height together, and to keep a good memory of your visit to one of the 3 or 4 star hotels with meeting rooms from the Atypio Hotels Resorts network.

Choose one of the hotels in the Atypio network with meeting rooms

Whether it's for a day or for several days, you're bound to find something to suit you in one of the 3 or 4 star hotels with meeting rooms in the Atypio network. From seminars to team building, the sales, meeting planner and catering teams will help you to organise your professional events as well as possible before, during and after your employees' departure. All you have to do is put your bags down when you arrive and take advantage of the facilities available to you.

Some of the hotels in the Atypio network with meeting rooms offer the possibility of entrusting your project to a meeting planner, who, according to your guidelines and needs, will organise and ensure that all your requirements are met.

The Atypio Hotels Resorts Network is a network of hotels with meeting rooms in the heart of nature | in the green, as in the city centre | in the city, as in the mountains and near the coast | on the coast!

Destinations for events / residential seminars / study days: Lille, Compiègne, Chantilly, Montesson, Fontainebleau, Tours Sud, Cannes Mandelieu, Marseille

You will find the hotels in the Atypio Hotels Resorts network with meeting rooms all over France. And this, in order to be able to offer groups, leisure and business clients different and complementary environments. So, whether you wish to organise your professional, sporting, event or leisure event in the middle of the countryside to take advantage of nature and its benefits, or on the contrary in the city centre to be as close as possible to the urban heart and its inhabitants, or even close to the beautiful mountains or the French coastline, you are bound to find what you are looking for in one of the hotels with meeting rooms in the Atypio Hotels Resorts network.

For a hotel with three or four star meeting roomsIf you want to make your customers the focus of your attention, choose the Atypio network. Let yourself be convinced by these establishments and their teams, some of which have been experienced for over 25 years. More than a hotel with meeting rooms, choose experience and passion.

From hotels with meeting rooms committed!

Choose one of the hotels with meeting roomsIt also means favouring establishments in which CSR is a concern and has an impact, as far as possible and within the means available, on the way in which the teams carry out their work. Collecting, sorting and recycling materials that can be recycled, avoiding food waste as much as possible with the help of partners and suppliers.

In addition, the establishments in the Atypio network are also committed to promoting local know-how, companies, associations, the local fabric surrounding them, and more broadly the French fabric, by honouring Made In France, for example through food raw materials, beekeepers close to the establishments, screen printing on uniforms, leisure equipment, local souvenirs (...).


Connected vertical vegetable gardens

Sustainable commitments. 🌍
At the end of June, we reached a new milestone with the acquisition of Agripolis, designer and operator of urban farms 👨‍🌾 since 2016 and our partner since this winter. Come and enjoy fruit and vegetables produced and cooked on site: "A l'Epicerie" Chantilly and St Germain en Laye, the first urban farms to be set up!